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Yoga & Bodywork for Cyclists

Our KonditYIN class is a 60 minute Yin and myofascial release class that complements our s

Yoga for Cyclists combines restorative yoga postures, somatic exercises, and myofascial release. This class is designed to promote physical mobility and equanimity that support you in building the strength and resilience to complete or compete in the rides and races that inspire you.

This is the class you’ve been waiting for if you have muscle tension, joint discomfort, reoccurring pain or injuries, mental blocks, or difficulty relaxing and focusing your mind.

Utilizing a variety of props like bands, tennis balls, straps, Pilates balls, blocks, and bolsters, we will release tension, that is holding you back from achieving your fitness and overall wellness goals.


Harness the power of strength in numbers and join OmTree at Sunflower's group fitness classes!  This wellness space was designed with your cycling goals in mind!  We offer Yin Yoga for deep stretching, Yoga Sculpt, Pilates, and The Glow to build strength in ways that support healthy mobility.  Our flow classes like Sun Flow, Lunar Flow, Sacred Flow, and Power Vinyasa serve as somatically beneficial workouts to help enhance your athletic performance.  Like cycling, our mindful movement and workout program yields results that reflect your level of commitment and the time and energy that you choose to dedicate to yourself and your practice.  Our program as a whole, ensures that you are getting the attention you need to burn calories, control your heart rate, build strength, improve flexibility and mobility, and meet the wellness goals you have set for yourself.

NOT READY FOR GROUP CLASSES?  No problem!  We offer private instruction and bodywork with skilled practitioners who love helping people look, feel, and perform their best! 

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