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Class Descriptions

Sun Flow

Sun Flow is a well-rounded vinyasa class for all levels. Flow through fundamental, beneficial yoga postures that build strength, flexibility and breath awareness. This class is alignment focused with opportunities to modify with less intense or more advanced options as needed by each practitioner. Sun Flow is perfect for students who enjoy working with fundamental asanas (postures) in a balance of traditional and creative sequencing. (All levels)

Sunset flow

Let go of the day, savor the golden hour and restore balance for the evening ahead. Move from one posture to the next using deep breaths in this creatively sequenced offering. Designed to progressively open the body and ground your energy, each sequence in this vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. The entire practice culminates with a deep sense of mindfulness, self-connection and ease. All levels welcome.

Align & Refine

For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this is an all levels vinyasa class, geared toward anyone who would like to move mindfully through a vinyasa sequence focusing on subtle refinements and exploring various expressions of common asanas.

Power vinyasa

Power Vinyasa: Find strength, stamina and equanimity in this dynamic vinyasa class. Power Vinyasa harmoniously blends the traditional sequencing of vinyasa yoga with a variety of fun and challenging poses. Set an intention and get your body and your breath moving in this faster paced flow. (Experience recommended)

Sunrise flow

Greet the day with mindful vinyasa flow. This class focuses on waking up the body with a combination of opening stretches and invigorating asanas. This creatively sequenced offering closes with a seated meditation to center the mind for the day ahead. (All levels)

Lunar flow

Unwind from your day with this grounding vinyasa flow in a beautiful candlelit setting. Lunar Flow is appropriate for all levels of practitioners looking to calm the mind, balance energy and actively prepare the body for a restful night. (All levels)

slow flow

Slow flow is an all levels vinyasa class, geared toward anyone who would like to move mindfully through a vinyasa sequence focusing on breath and alignment. We wind down with a few longer restorative poses leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed!

Yin Yang Flow

This class opens with flowing vinyasa and closes with grounding Yin. First we move through invigorating namaskars to warm up and then cool down with deep Yin stretches to balance the nervous system and brighten your energy field.

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