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Class Descriptions

Sunrise Flow

Greet the day with mindful vinyasa flow. This class focuses on waking up the body with a combination of opening stretches and invigorating asanas. This creatively sequenced offering closes with a seated meditation to center the mind for the day ahead. (All levels)

Sunset Flow

Let go of the day, savor the golden hour and restore balance for the evening ahead. Move from one posture to the next using deep breaths in this creatively sequenced offering. Designed to progressively open the body and ground your energy, each sequence in this vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. The entire practice culminates with a deep sense of mindfulness, self-connection and ease. All levels welcome.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is an upbeat and challenging yoga class that combines basic yoga postures, plyometrics, and strength training. Sculpt is a total body workout that is designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group as well as strengthen your yoga practice. If you are looking to get your blood pumping, breath flowing and build muscle definition, this class is ideal for you!

Sacred Flow

Sacred flow is a mixture of movement and joint opening. This offering is an hour practice that prioritizes therapeutic healing for your body and your mind. The focus of this practice is to unlock energy channels in your body by opening the joints. Props are utilized to explore postures more deeply. All levels very welcome!

Sun Flow

Sun Flow is a well-rounded vinyasa class for all levels. Flow through fundamental, beneficial yoga postures that build strength, flexibility and breath awareness. This class is alignment focused with opportunities to modify with less intense or more advanced options as needed by each practitioner. Sun Flow is perfect for students who enjoy working with fundamental asanas (postures) in a balance of traditional and creative sequencing. (All levels)

Lunar Flow

Unwind from your day with this grounding vinyasa flow in a beautiful candlelit setting. Lunar Flow is appropriate for all levels of practitioners looking to calm the mind, balance energy and actively prepare the body for a restful night. (All levels)


Radiance begins with a vibrant core! The powerful sculpting techniques of Pilates interwoven with mindful toning and flexibility development, create a focused practice of deep internal strength and intelligent movement. (All levels)

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice of long held postures incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fasciae, and ligaments. Postures are held for 1-5 minutes. It is a perfect compliment to muscle-intensive exercise with significant attention paid to all the tissues that work hard keeping those muscles in place. This is not a restorative practice; it is a challenging practice that encourages focus, personal challenge, meditation and concentration. It is suitable for all levels and offers a challenge from beginners all the way to regular yin yoga practitioners.

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