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Massage, Somatics, & Energy Work

by Cole Cottin and Kel Fisher


Somatics is a field within the bodywork and movement professions that emphasizes healing through internal physical perception and experience. Somatic practitioners facilitate awareness-based embodiment processes for clients, through a blend of touch, breathwork, movement, sound, and dialogue. A major goal of somatics is to bridge the mind-body divide, facilitating deeper neural connections and amplifying the innate healing potential of the body and being. Life moving towards life.

Esalen® Massage

An Esalen Massage is an inward journey rather than purely a therapeutic treatment. Through long strokes, a slow pace, and pauses, you are invited to return to your natural state of balance and alignment. Transformation occurs not through deep-tissue work but rather through an active participation between giver and receiver. As your practitioner’s hands direct your attention, this awareness evokes relaxation and change. Then your practitioner can apply deeper, more specific work as needed. The massage developed here at the hot springs recognizes that the body releases into pleasurable sensation. The body and mind are one.



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