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Enrich your practice
Explore your potential
Learn to share the art of yoga

OmTree Shala's 200-hour program equips you with the knowledge and tools to apply your Yoga practice to all areas of your life, communicate the basics of the practice to others, and to lead multilevel vinyasa classes.
Upon completion, you will understand sequence structure, asana alignment, basic anatomy, and the ethics and energetics traditionally integrated into the practice.
Above all, we hope that you graduate with a deep respect for yourself as your own greatest teacher and a clearer understanding of your journey and how to align with your dharma.

If you do not feel called to teach but would like to expand your understanding of Yoga and deepen your practice, you can attend the sessions held from September through February 2nd. If you choose to continue onto the teacher training portion, you are welcome to make that commitment when the second February session begins.

September through the first February weekend sessions will serve as a Yoga immersion for you to explore more depth, stamina, flexibility, and surrender in your personal practice.

February 8th through June, sessions will focus on teaching skills, communication, and holding space.  

Modules include:

  • -Cueing and sequencing for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vinyasa classes *TT

  • -Basic anatomy and physiology for teaching *TT

  • -Basic history and philosophy

  • -Understanding the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga

  • -Chakras and energy centers

  • -Intro to Ayurveda

  • -Introduction to the business of yoga *TT

  • -Alignment of fundamental asanas

  • -Key actions sequencing *TT

  • -Basic Sanskrit for teaching *TT

DATES FOR 2024-25

September 14-15, 22

October 6, 12-13

November 3, 16-17

December 14-15

January 11-12, 26

February 1-2, 8-9

March 8-9, 29-30

April 5-6, 27

June 7-8, 28-29 

Yoga Practice Immersion tuition of $1550 covers training sessions from September 14 - February 2.  Teacher Training can be added on for an additional $1550 before February 10th.  

Yoga Teacher Training full tuition of $3100 covers all training sessions.  Early-bird price of $2850 is available until August 1st.  

Some reading material is included.  The cost of books is typically $50 or less.

Both Immersion and Teacher Training tuition includes unlimited classes on OmTree's regular schedule, once tuition has been paid in full.  

To begin the registration process, submit a brief (or lengthy) essay describing yourself and your practice to

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