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Dear Friend,
I am honored to share with you the practices that nourish me.
The foundation of my practice, is my commitment to the rituals that support my authentic self, physically and energetically.  My gut health impacts my mood and my immunity so I make sure that my digestive system gets the foods that make it the happiest.  
Since plant-based meals are the most efficient way to detoxify my system on a daily basis, I keep:
  • whole grains
  • legumes
  • produce
in the house at all times.  
Frozen is better than rotten and dry goods are better than excessive packaging in my book, so if I know I have a busy week/month I make sure to have plenty of:
  • organic basmati rice (it cooks so fast!)
  • red lentils (again, they cook so fast!)
  • organic frozen broccoli or cauliflower
  • organic frozen fruit for my Complete shakes, which contain the legumes, grains and greens that my body craves!  
I use meat and bone broth medicinally when I can feel I need them, but they are not part of my daily nourishment.  I completely avoid dairy, which believe me, I thought I would never give up cheese and I truly can't imagine going back to it now!  Dairy has its benefits, but they don't outweigh the mucus, skin irritation, bloating and constipation (TMI?) for me.  I do use ghee for cooking and when Ayurvedic cleansing.
The other essential component of my feel-good rituals is movement:
  • 75-90 minute yoga classes
  • short, concentrated yoga classes
  • high-intensity workouts for the yummy rush of workout endorphins and I keep my digestive system moving (yep, ab work!)  
Finally, my meditation and mindfulness practices are the icing on my self-care cake!  If all you can get in is 5 minutes of meditation (and you better not have 10 minutes for Facebook/Instagram/VSCO and not for your higher mind) that is still worth a lot!  
Whatever sounds best to me, is what I do, whether it is:
  • a chakra meditation
  • sitting is silence & observing my current state
  • a device-free walk by the river
  • a guided relaxation 
  • yoga nidra
This way it is always inviting and never turns into a chore.   The meditation/mindfulness piece can feel like the most dispensable aspect of my rituals, but it is actually the part that keeps me from pushing too hard or skipping my movement and how I maintain trust in my intuitive food cravings.  
Wishing YOU love, light & health!
Home Grown Vegetables
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